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Dark Country Plays with Scarcity and Rarity

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Trading card game Dark Country is creating more scarcity for its collectible cards by allowing players to combine and reforge their cards. Players can use their reforged hero cards for staking rewards, which will increase based on the rarity of the cards. Staking will launch on January 18th.

The staking rewards come from two sources. For the first eight weeks there will be a fixed pool of 3000 WAX per week. That’s 108 dollars. In addition there’s a variable pool that consists out of 2.5 percent from the secondary market fees from the previous week. After eight weeks, the fixed pool will disappear and the market fees will remain as the only source for staking rewards.

Staking will only be possible with rare, epic, legendary, and mythic cards. Each rarity has four different levels, increasing the points a player earns from staking. Players will require four cards of the same level to acquire one cards with increased rarity.

For example, four rare cards of the same hero will become a level 1 reforged hero. After that the player will need four level 1 cards to create a level 2 reforged hero. As a result lower level heroes will have increased scarcity, adding value to the Dark Country ecosystem. Heroes cards are available on the secondary market, and players can buy packs until January 31st.

Dark Country aiming for innovation

Dark Country is a bit of an underdog in the trading card game genre. Many people talk about Gods Unchained and Splinterlands, but this card game on the Wax blockchain is aiming to set itself apart. Not only is the game based on quite a grim lore, they are also implementing technical innovation to add collectability and authenticity.

Last month they announced plans to add signatures to individual trading cards. This way collectors can for example see when a card was part of a tournament-winning deck. At the moment Dark Country has twelve signed cards.

What is Dark Country?

Dark Country is a trading card game on the Wax blockchain. The game combines elements from classic western movies with the occult. The Chief tried to call upon the ancestral guard, but instead woke an ancient evil. Now there are four groups, with cowboys, criminals, Indians, and undead demons. Players pick one of these groups for their hero powers and build decks with the cards in their inventory.

The Exodus card series was sold during the pre-sale. These cards come with a mechanic called Inspire. The more inspire-cards a player has, the more powerful the abilities of the Natives become. Each faction has ten inspire-cards, while the neutrals have sixty.

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