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Illuvium Combines DeFi With Monster Catching

Illuvium artwork

Illuvium is a new upcoming role playing game that combines yield farming, non-fungible tokens, and strategy gameplay with monster catching. The developers have been working on the game’s development since last Summer. They got inspiration from games like for example Pokémon and Dota Underlords. Illuvium will release in Q3 2021.

The entire world of Illuvium is filled with dangerous beasts that players can capture. Most monsters are very common, but there will also be very rare ones. Illuvium promotes the idea that players also become traders: collecting or selling rare and valuable assets. Battles will be automated, determined by the player-selected creatures and actions.

Alongside the regular gameplay, there’s a staking mechanism that allows for passive income. Somewhere during the next three months the developers will launch a token genesis event, allowing players and investors to get in early on the projects.

Kieran and Aaron Warwick are the co-founders of llivium and brothers of Kain Warwick, who’s co-founder of DeFi platform Synthetix. They are building the game on the Ethereum network using the Immutable X layer-2 technology from Immutable, the creators of Gods Unchained.

Why Immutable X?

Game studio Immutable and Starkware, the company that created the Stark Zero-knowledge proof systems, are working on Immutable X. The platform should solve all scaling problems for games running on the Ethereum blockchain, while still enjoying the security of that particular blockchain. For example, users won’t be paying any gas fees for minting or exchanging items. This is something that’s crucial for creating a nice user experience inside a video game.

Immutable X supports over 9 thousand transactions per second according to the official website. That’s not even close to VISA’s 65 thousand transactions per second, but surely beats Ethereum’s 15 TPS. Minting, buying, selling and transferring assets works always instantly, they promise. So selling or creating a new monster won’t be a problem inside Illuvium.

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