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Cryptopunks Sale Destroys Previous Record

cryptopunks punk 3307 sales record

A new sale of a Cryptopunks collectible destroyed the previous record as Punk 3307 has been bought for 137.5 thousand dollars or 189.99 ETH. That’s almost double from the previous sales record, which happened in November. The seller acquired the punk one year ago for 2500 dollars.

Punk 3307 is a Cryptopunks collectible with zero attributes. In total there are only eight Cryptopunks like that. This makes them extremely rare. In addition two of those punks haven’t moved for three years, which suggests that the owners no longer have access to their wallets.

The seller is an active trader. They have 22 punks in their wallet and are offering four of them for sale. After selling Punk 3307 the collector is now trying to sell another punk without any attributes for 799.99 ETH or 586 thousand dollars.

However, this is the first punk from the buyer and the buyer just opened the Ethereum address. Aside from getting the money from Binance, there’s nothing else known about this buyer.

Cryptopunks second revival this year

The Cryptopunks project has regained the spotlight with some big sales this month. A few months ago the crypto art projects also took center stage. The floor price for Cryptopunks now equals 5.4 ETH, which is well over four thousand dollars. A couple of months ago the cheapest punks would sell for a couple of hundred dollars.

CryptoPunks is a crypto art initiative that generated ten thousand different 24×24 punk-looking avatars. There are a few rares ones, like apes, zombies and an alien. Besides being a digital collectible, the project doesn’t offer any additional usage. However, Cryptopunks are often part of digital art galleries in virtual worlds like Cryptovoxels and Decentraland.

We can’t say that Cryptopunks are technically advanced non-fungible tokens. However, it’s the first collectible art project ever that used the Ethereum blockchain to mint collectibles. Because of their historical significance, Cryptopunks are valuable digital assets. There are only ten thousand punks on the market. Most likely rarity and scarcity push up the value.

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