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We’re writing history with the first community powered Play to Earn Blockchain Game of the Year Awards. These awards have been created by the community and will be voted on by the community. Everybody is free to vote for their favorite projects until December 31st, after which we will announce the winners on Monday January 4th.

In every category there’s a limited amount of choices selected by the Play to Earn Community. We’ve been discussing these selections on our Discord server and ended up with this list. When voting: Your favorite one gets 5 points, the runner-up 3 points and there’s one point for the third spot. We have the following categories:

  • Best GameWhich game can you play right now, that has seen the most progress and has engaging gameplay?
  • Lovely Dev People – Games are products, but these products are made by people. They all are awesome, but some of them just a little bit more.
  • Supportive Community – A game is nothing without community: creating tournaments, websites and add-ons. Which community does the best job of providing value?
  • Best Integrated Economy – DeFi is hot. NFTs are cool. But in gaming everything comes together. Which game does this the best?
  • Favorite Virtual WorldThe metaverse is more than one world, but which of these worlds is your favorite?
  • Future GemGames you won’t be playing for a while, but are worth to follow. Which one?

Everybody who votes will receive 50 $PLAY tokens in their ETH address. In addition we will select three wallets to receive 1000 $PLAY. More about PLAY token here.

Thanks in advance for voting. Let’s celebrate our blockchain gaming community and the awesome people within!


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