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Dark Country Adding Signatures to Trading Cards

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The trading card game Dark Country is adding signatures to their cards in an effort to add innovation and authenticity to the NFT space. On the back of the card they place a QR code, and this code direct to the creators of the card. According to the developers signing an NFT adds collectors value.

In addition to signing cards themselves, the developers behind Dark Country also have other plans. For example tournament winners will be able to sign their winning decks, leaving a trace of their victory in the history of NFTs.

Blockchain technology in general already leaves a trace. People are always able to find out to which wallets certain assets have belonged. However, signing cards through landmark events is an interesting way to make this type of data accessible.

Dark Country now features 12 signed trading cards. These have been distributed to seven different players who spent the most money in the pre-sale.

Customization with spirits

Interestingly, this isn’t the first concept of history that Immortal Games has added to their card game. In May this year the team announced the concept of Spirits. Each card has a chance to get a certain amount of Spirit slots, and filling it up with spirits makes the card unique. Once all spirit slots are occupied, the card gets an unique frame.

A common card is most likely without any spirit slots, even though there’s 25 percent chance for one slot and five percent chance for two of them. These chances increase for rare cards, while epic card also have a five percent chance for three spirit slots. Chances for more slots go up for legendary and mythical cards. Some unique cards will have four slots, but these can’t be obtained from packs from the in-game store.

When you have a card with slots, you need to put a spirit inside. These spirits come in two versions: stat tracking and quests. The Fox Spirit tracks the number of victories, the Wolf the amount of damage and the Snake the amount of cards killed by that particular card.

What is Dark Country?

Dark Country is a trading card game on the Wax blockchain. The game combines elements from classic western movies with the occult. The Chief tried to call upon the ancestral guard, but instead woke an ancient evil. Now there are four groups, with cowboys, criminals, Indians, and undead demons. Players pick one of these groups for their hero powers and build decks with the cards in their inventory.

The Exodus card series was sold during the pre-sale. These cards come with a mechanic called Inspire. The more inspire-cards a player has, the more powerful the abilities of the Natives become. Each faction has ten inspire-cards, while the neutrals have sixty.

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