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Unsung Hero Coming to Hive Blockchain

unsung hero hive blockchain

Slow Sunday Games has announced that the idle role playing game Unsung Hero is coming to the Hive blockchain. Players will need to defeat monsters to reach higher levels, and at the same time improve their gear to beat those monsters. Active gamers earn a share over the reward pool from the game.

Unsung Hero allows players to have multiple heroes in their Hive wallet. However, they can only use one character at the same time. That’s why players can combine heroes from the same tier into one higher tier character. There are 21 different weapons and more than sixty different items. These determine the base damage of a character.

Based on fifty percent of all in-game sales, the developers will create a reward pool. Slow Sunday Games will setup daily Hive payouts to the top-ranking players. The developers determine a player’s rank by looking at their gear and the maximum level they have reached.

Slow Sunday Games is preparing Unsung Hero for a Q1 2021 release. A starter pack costs 10 dollars and contains one hero, one weapon and fifteen items. Fifty percent of the revenue goes into the reward pool.

Games on Hive blockchain

The Hive blockchain is a relative new product in the blockchain gaming landscape. The project forked from Steem earlier this year when Tron Foundation boss Justin Sun bought the project. The leading app on the Hive blockchain is Splinterlands.

At this moment Splinterlands is the unicorn in the room with more than 7600 weekly users according to DappRadar. CryptoBrewMaster is a simulation game about running a beer business, which follows with less than 9 hundred users. The number three is the football game Rabona, which has 264 players per week.

Similar to Steem the Hive blockchain stands out with its fast transactions and zero fees. In addition Hive is very community oriented, allowing anybody to create a game. So far games on the Hive blockchain aren’t very sophisticated yet. Think about idle role playing games, card games or management games.

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