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Animoca to Create Manchester City Collectibles

manchester city animoca brands licensing deal

Animoca Brands has signed a partnership deal with Manchester City and Melbourne City FC to develop a range of new games and collectibles. They will create the digital assets based on the men’s and women’s teams from both clubs. Animoca Brands will be using their own platforms, including The Sandbox, Quidd and Gamee.

Animoca will create digital collectibles and games about Manchester City and Melbourne City FC on a variety of platforms. The gaming company will create some mini-games and distribute them on the Gamee platform. In addition a range of collectibles will be create on Quidd. On top of that The Sandbox will create gaming experiences based on Manchester City and Melbourne City FC.

The Sandbox allows for the creation of all kinds of content. The virtual gaming world can serve as a museum to showcase the history of these two football clubs. However, the developers could potentially also create a football game featuring characters based on the stars of these teams. Think about characters based on superstars like Sergio Aguero, Raheem Sterling, Kevin De Bruyne or Nathan Aké.

Football becoming big on the blockchain

Over the past year we have seen plenty of football action on the blockchain. With Sorare there’s one fantasy football game that stands out from the crowd. They’ve been selling millions of dollars worth of collectible football cards, which players can use in their bi-weekly fantasy football games. In addition there’s Stryking, which is also part of the Animoca Brands group.

Recently Atari announced that it will bring the classic Kick Off series to the blockchain. Earlier this summer a virtual world cup inside Decentraland attracted quite an audience. At the same time Soccer Manager Elite is currently being tested in closed beta.

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