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Upland Launching Competitive Game Mode

upland sandbox wars property development

The virtual property game Upland is about the expand its universe with a competitive game mode. Ten neighborhoods will be fighting with each other in the upcoming Sandbox wars. This game mode launches side-by-side with a new property development mode.

The battle begins on January 1st. Until that time players have some time to test the game mechanics. Upland has called this competitive testing phase the Sandbox Sandbox. In two weeks the real survival of the fittest begins.

In The Sandbox Wars players will need to build alliances and work against other teams. They need to secure points in the game map, or attack points from the opposition. The winning neighborhood will receive a price that boosts that boosts their development rating.

These times of competition consist out of two rounds. During the first round ten teams are fighting for points, while the second round pitches the best three teams against each other. During the tournament players will need to use an in-game resource called Spud to develop their strategy: build, attack, defend and so on. Building developed during a competitive event will be destroyed afterwards.

Property development

The property development update was introduced earlier this year. Bit by bit the development team implements the vision for this update. All buildings and other add-ons in Upload will become 3D. Buildings will be available in certain classes, and there are several possible sizes. Future updates will also allow players to add a more personalized touch.

Building updates are only possible when space is available. In addition players will need to resources required for the construction as well. Buildings are tethered to the property they are built on, these can’t be sold on their own. However, a building influences the value of a certain parcel.

When a player buys a property, they also buy the building on it. However, they are free to destroy the building. Upon doing so, the meta data from the property NFT gets destroyed. Players can also open businesses that will require them to acquire a business license from the community-run town hall.

What is Upland?

Upland is a Monopoly-inspired EOS blockchain in which players own digital versions of real-world properties. Players can buy virtual property using in-game tokens, which in turn can also be earned inside the game itself. In addition this virtual real-estate platform will become a bit similar to the Monopoly board game. The plan is to allow users for example to setup virtual businesses. Currently gamers are capable of claiming buildings in various cities, but it all started in San Francisco.

Upland is available for iOS and Android. Thanks to the integration of Tilia by Linden Labs, gamers can pay for their purchases using dollars.

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