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Ultra Slowly Rolling Out for Public Release

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Blockchain-powered game distribution platform Ultra is slowly rolling out an early release of its service to the public. This has started with a select group of community members, and they will add more users in early 2021. A third phase, which is a next step towards a general release and full public access, will happen later next year.

Ultra wants to avoid any technical issues on its platform, and is therefore very careful with release their product too early to the public. During the current first phase the team can acquire valuable feedback to improve their service or adjust the onboarding process. During the second phase they will add new features to the platform as it will switch from test environment to the main network.

Ultra is a blockchain-powered game distribution platform. In essence it will be like Steam, but the blockchain provides scarcity. That means that a limited edition copy of a game really is limited in supply. In addition this also means that players can sell the games they have acquired. This is beneficial for developers, because they are a percentage over every re-sale.

Ultra partnerships

Ultra will be accessible on the upcoming Atari VCS game console. At the same time the gaming company will make some of its classic games available through Ultra. The entire Ultra platform will integrate into the gaming console. USers can buy, download, play, trade, and stream games. In addition they can trade in-game assets and create esports tournaments.

The game distribution platform is also working together with The Sandbox. Together they want to create cross-chain interoperability for non-fungible tokens. This will mean that the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 protocols will be compatible with the UOS blockchain. As soon as this is functional, it will be easy for other blockchain games to move their product over to the UOS blockchain. Free and fast transactions would be an additional benefit of such a move.

It’s very similar to something we’re now seeing in decentralized finance. Through smart contracts a cryptocurrency from one blockchain gets wrapped into another blockchain. For example, one bitcoin gets locked away and in return you get a Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) on the Ethereum blockchain. In Oktober WAX already announced their plans to connect their economy to the Ethereum blockchain, which – once again – is a very similar idea.

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