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Last Week Somnium Space Land Sale Started

somnium space secondary land offering final week

The final week of the Secondary Land Offering for Somnium Space has started on Sunday. Through a Dutch auction, which means prices decrease until someone bids, another three estates and twelve world servers are on sale. The auctions take place on Opensea and will end at the end on Friday.

There’s a gigantic estate for sale that combines fifteen XL land parcels. The price of this estate is dropping from 180 ETH to a minimum of 60 ETH. An estate with fifteen medium land parcels has a starting price of 115 ETH, and drops towards 37.5 ETH. A small estate with four small land parcels is selling for 17 thousand CUBES, and drops to five thousand CUBES.

Aside from these four estate, singular parcels are also still for sale. An XL parcel starts at 12 ETH and drops to 4 ETH, while a small parcel starts at 5000 CUBES or 3 ETH.

Virtual worlds a big attraction

Somnium Space is obviously all about virtual land, but they recently introduced Somnium Space Worlds. Users who already own land, can install a portal to their own dedicated world server. This would allow them to create games, social gatherings or something else that’s super creative. These world servers are very popular, and also limited in supply.

During the Secondary Land Offering these virtual worlds inside the virtual world of Somnium Space have proven to be very popular. These most valuable ones sell for more than 40 thousand dollars. The revenue of the land sale is now well above the one million dollar mark.

During the final week there are small, medium and extra large worlds for sale. In addition there are Founders Edition worlds. These have more storage memory compared with the regular virtual worlds. For example, a regular medium world has 200 MB of storage, while the founders edition comes with 300 MB.

What is Somnium Space?

Somnium Space is a virtual world in which landowners can build whatever they want to. The program registers landownership on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition all players can visit these creations and interact with each other. The developers have created Somnium Space with VR headsets in mind, even though players can also access to world through their desktop or laptop.

Value of land in Somnium Space has been increasing incredibly over the year. We can also see this increased demand for virtual land in other virtual worlds and even in blockchain-powered video games. Decentraland, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space are the most famous projects for landownership, but some games are jumping on this bandwagon as well.

Splinterlands is currently in the process of acquiring funding for the development of new gameplay elements. These system will require virtual land. In addition Axie Infinity is expected to launch its land gameplay soon, while games like Brave Frontier Heroes and League of Kingdoms already offer landownership.

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