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Doctor Who Wants To Keep Old Cards Relevant

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Reality Gaming Group wants new cards to the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart trading card game to complement old cards. New gameplay elements have a strong preference over power creep, the phenomenon which slowly eliminates older cards from the meta in order to push sales. Co-founder Morten Rongaard told this in an interview to Play to Earn.

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart isn’t even out yet, the game is scheduled for a release somewhere in 2021. Players who own a founder’s token will have early access to test versions of the game. However, we’re curious about what lies beyond the horizon. Releasing one series of cards is fun, but how do you add a second series?

“Changing up the meta will bring a lot of excitement and freshness to the game, but we don’t want new cards to overpower old cards”, said Morten Rongaard, co-founder of Reality Gaming Group. “Instead we want to focus on complementing old and underused cards with each new set of cards, enabling whole new combos that players need new and old cards for in order to pull off.”

Rongaard wants every new series to add something to the trading card game, while also utilizing older cards. For example, a second series could potentially put more emphasis on events, combined with a new gaming element. “New cards will be attractive because they will unlock new combos that bring old cards to life, not necessarily because they are flat out better on their own”, Rongaard stated.

The desire to own a certain card won’t only be influenced by their utility in the game. Collectors might have different reasons to obtain cards. The co-founder of Reality Gaming Group mentioned the ‘good old’ common, rare, epic, legendary structure. In addition there’s rarity through the frame system, but there’s also something called card history.

“There will be a lot of value in having the card that killed the most Daleks, won the most games, won the biggest tournament, was owned by Jodie Whittaker (if she ever decides to play the game!), and so on.”

Morten Rongaard, co-founder Reality Gaming Group (Play to Earn, December 2020)

When it comes to source material, the gaming company is lucky to have access to an universe filled with stories, characters and locations. Doctor Who offers many years have inspiration. For future releases Rongaard wants to keep mixing new and classic elements from Doctor Who. “We certainly hope to get more Classic Who material from BBC as well as more extended universe assets”, he told us.

Cards for sale now

The BBC has opened the sale of digital cards for the trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. It’s the first time anybody can buy cards or obtain one of the 1963 founder’s tokens.

In November fans who pre-registered were eligible to buy cards. They have obtained the first mints of every card available in the game. However, gamers who purchase cards now, will have no disadvantage what so ever.

There are different card packs for sale on the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart website. A core pack costs $4.99, while a premium pack goes for $12.99. The exclusive pack takes 30 dollars from your wallet, while the Tardis Pack costs a whopping $196.30. This pack contains ten cards of which five will have a Tardis frame.

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