Battle Racers Restarts Trading at Metalympics

battle racers artwork

The next event in the Metalympics is all about the Decentraland racing game Battle Racers, and this bleeding edge race competition follows the re-launch of item trading. Altitude Games will enable trading of car parts once again, starting from Thursday 2PM UTC. That’s because the game moved over to the Matic Network.

Last week Inspector Space Time dominated the darts tournament, while the Lendroid Shrimprun was won by EzinCrypto one week before that. However, the man with the most medals so far in the Metalympics is Zonked. He’s the person to beat!

In Battle Racers you might have a chance to win and beat these top athletes. Battle Racers can be played for free using a generic car, but you can also acquire your own elite car and dominate everybody. Players can trade their car parts on the Ethereum network and move them to the Matic Network for gameplay.

At this very moment you can buy an epic pack of car parts for 10 ETH from Opensea. However, the cheapest complete cars are available for 0.09 ETH. Starting from tomorrow you can move these assets over. Keep in mind, you don’t need to own any assets to be able to race. However, owning a car does come with benefits. At the moment it’s unknown whether the jury allows these elite cars.

The Battle Racers competition for the Metalympics will begin after the WIP Meetup. This week the event will have talks by SuperRare, Terra Virtua, Game Credits and crypto artists Mark McKenna who’s dropping art on MakersPlace tomorrow as well.

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