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Age of Rust Preparing for Season 1 Beta

Age of Rust unity screenshot puzzle

The puzzle action adventure game Age of Rust is currently in one of the final phases before the developers will release a beta of season 1. Just like an earlier version of the game, there will be a strong focus on puzzling. Age of Rust hides several crypto treasures for players to find.

The first season will contain three missions from the full game. The team has expanded the experience of Age of Rust with improved character animations, voice-over and cutscenes. These elements should improve storytelling.

The beta for season 1 wouldn’t be the first playable version of Age of Rust. Last year SpacePirate Games released a pre-alpha demo. This version already allowed players to link their Enjin wallet and unlock content when they owned certain digital assets. That way a non-fungible token can open doors to new areas in the game.

Age of Rust can be played without using the blockchain. However, having digital assets in your Enjin wallet can add more to the experience. For example, if you own a nanobot, it will allow you to unlock certain locks. The nanobot will enable you to pilot a little nano-spider through a procedurally-generated maze. When successful, the lock will unlock itself and the players gains access to a new area.

Age of Rust is actually quite difficult to place into one category. The blockchain-powered game has third person action segments, but also embraces hardcore puzzles. It’s a bit like Firewatch meets Tomb Raider meets Myst in a sci-fi universe.

Enjin metaverse

Age of Rust is one of the games in the Enjin metaverse. Enjin is a blockchain company that offers gaming services on the Ethereum blockchain. They launched the ERC1155 protocol, which enables developers to create every type of asset, from currency and real estate to digital art and gaming items. Ownership over these items is stored on the blockchain.

Games within the Enjin metaverse often add a bit of interoperability. For example, a wooden sword in Enjincraft can also be used as a sword in a certain role playing game. The entire ecosystem showed off the potential of interoperability by creating a quest throughout multiple games.

It’s been a bit quiet surrounding Enjin, but in the past few months more games have embraced the platform. Last month The Galaxy of Lemuria and Crystals of Fate joined the ecosystem, while Cede and Wavelings joined one month earlier.

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