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Tribal Books To Burn Unsold Items This Friday

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Trading card game Tribal Books will burn all its unsold card packs on Friday December 4th. At this moment that would mean that more than half of the available supply would be burned. The developers do this because they want the Ancient Symbols collection to remain ‘among the most rare and sought after collectibles’.

Looking at the Tribal Books store, there are still plenty of packs available. For 500 WAX gamers can buy a booster pack of 3 cards, of which there are still 497 out of 2000 packs. The 900 WAX Legendary Packs still have 799 out of 1500 available, there are also still plenty of Book Packs and Starter Packs. Ten WAX is currently approximately 1 dollar, which makes Tribal Books one of the more expensive trading card games on the market.

After the remaining packs have been burned, there will be a staking mechanism. NFT holders can stake their assets and earn something in return. Those who will stake a complete collection, will get a bonus. The staking will continue until the development of Tribal Books has been completed.

What is Tribal Books?

Tribal Books is a trading card game all about player-versus-player battles. Each competitor uses cards and ‘magical forces’ to win the match. A central part of Tribal Books is created around the concept of collecting: collecting magical powers and of course the cards themselves.

Before a game starts, the player uses his card collection to create a deck. There are six different rarities. There are 57 common cards, and for example only 11 mythical cards. In total there are 177 different cards available through card packs. In addition gamers will need something called a Tribal Book, to store their magical powers. Both the cards and the books are NFTs.

After every battle, the winner receives knowledge that helps him to improve their Tribal Book. The more magical forces they discovered, the more valuable the book becomes. The player can tradehis Tribal Book with all forces tied to it.

Tribal Books is currently in the early stages of development. The game is currently in the making for the WAX blockchain, but could potentially also be available on other blockchains.

The Wax blockchain is very known as the project where you can buy Garbage Pail Kids collectibles. However, slowly more gaming projects are joining as well. With Prospectors they already have one hit game, but there’s more coming. For example, Hodl God is a battle royale game that uses the Wax blockchain. With Dark Country there’s another trading card game as well.

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