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The Six Dragons Governance NFTs This Week

The Six Dragons governor mount

Starting from this Saturday gamers will be able to buy governance tokens for the open-world role playing game The Six Dragons. However, these are not cryptocurrencies, but non-fungible tokens. There will only be 1155 governance tokens on the market, and these will cost 596 dollars each.

The pre-sale will take place, starting from Saturday December 5 at 18:00 UTC. The pre-sale will launch from the official website. Payments will be accepted in both ETH and ENJ.

Instead of regular governance tokens in the ERC20 token standard, the governance tokens by Blockpegnio are in the ERC1155 token standard. That means that these governance tokens are actually non-fungible and unique. Token holders will earn fee from on-chain transactions in the game, while in addition having voting power as a governor of the game world.

The top one hundred people who buy multiple governance tokens for The Six Dragons, will earn various rewards. The top contributor will receive a Special Founder’s Token, a Nagaroth Dragon mount and a Multiverse Founder’s Token. Lower prices will get different mounts. The Special Founder’s Token are only for the top ten people.

Introducing yield farming

Yield farming is something that happens automatically for holders of the The Six Dragons governance token. Token holders earn passive income through a revenue share over all in-game transactions from trading and item creation.

Trading and crafting are important elements of this role playing game. Players need to acquire resources to be able to forge better gear, and then fight stronger monsters. There’s a tax on every transaction, and the governance system will automatically distribute all taxes in TSDT, a token tied to Enjin’s ENJ token. Swapping the earned TSDT, which also serves as an in-game currency, can be done in-game.

What is The Six Dragons?

The Six Dragons is an open-world role playing game, build using the Enjin blockchain. Because of this the game allows players ownership over every item they find, create or buy inside or outside the game. Adventurers can dive into an open world filled with randomly generated dungeons, or gamers can become a trader and sell their goods to other players.

Players get to discover 256km2 of open-world, full of surprises, one billion dungeons, and items to craft that they will truly own. Adventurers without arrows in their knee, get to participate in a player-owned, decentralized economy with real-world value.

To be able to create items and resources, players will need to own the recipe. As soon as players have the necessary materials, an item can be crafted. They can do this at crafting station. Here the game checks whether the players owns the needed assets. After the blockchain confirms the transaction, the player will receive a newly created item. This is all done in-game. In addition players can manage their items using the Enjin wallet on their phone.

Even though The Six Dragons is a singleplayer game, its economy is still online. This means that players can trade their acquired items on open marketplaces, and in addition enhance these items as well. As a matter of fact, players could potentially make it their virtual profession to enhance items and sell them back on the market. Play-to-earn mechanics are available inside The Six Dragons.

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