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The Queen’s Gambit Sparks Idea Blockchain Chess Sets

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Inspired by her renewed interest in chess thanks to The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, blockchain game developer Marguerite deCourcelle is launching custom chess sets on the Ethereum blockchain. She does this in collaboration with chess elite Alexandra Botez, the COIN development team and visual artist Glitch_Black. They named the collectible chess series GET PWND.

“These past few weeks my love for chess was reignited as many of us shared an affinity for the successful Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit”, deCourcelle wrote in a blog post. She played Battle Chess growing up, and she emphasized the collectible nature of chess sets in general. Therefore blockchain makes sense. The partnership with Botez is one for marketing purposes, as she holds the title Woman FIDE Master and runs a successful chess YouTube channel.

The Genesis set for GET PWND is created by Glitch_Black and has a cyberpunk theme. These are available in various bundles and individual pieces for collecting. In total there are enough digital assets or non-fungible tokens available for six hundred complete sets of 32 pieces each.

However, there’s no chess game yet. These are just the pieces. deCourcelle is requesting developers to create games using the 3D chess pieces. Think about chess inside existing virtual worlds, in VR experiences and a web-based playable game. She’s made development bounties available up to 5000 COIN ($3850) and addition bounties for particular features.

Coin_artist crypto puzzles

Marguerite deCourcelle isn’t one who sits still. Last week she announced a new crypto puzzle. At the same time her game studio Blockade Games is launching the first phase of Neon District this December. In addition she’s working on providing value for her social token COIN, which ties into the game and other projects.

Coin_artist didn’t reveal an awful lot about her latest puzzle. A placeholder image will change on November 30th, and every NFT owner will receive a prize. However, solving the puzzle will allow enthusiasts to win cryptocurrency, custom digital chess pieces and other surprises.

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