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Coin_Artist Launches New Crypto Puzzle

coin_artist cyborg puzzle

Marguerite deCourcelle, better known as coin_artist, has launched a new crypto puzzle. Puzzle enthusiasts and opportunists can new buy some of the 3000 puzzles available on Opensea for 23 COIN or $15.70. These puzzles will unlock on November 30th, and in addition each NFT will yield a certain prize.

Coin_artist didn’t reveal an awful lot about her latest puzzle. A placeholder image will change on November 30th, and every NFT owner will receive a prize. However, solving the puzzle will allow enthusiasts to win cryptocurrency, custom digital chess pieces and other surprises.

The puzzle will generate a maximum of 45 thousand dollars for deCourcelle from direct sales. However, sales need to happen fast because the puzzle opens within nine days. Only COIN token can be used for the purchase, and therefore the sudden demand could impact the price. For those who wonder why she created that many puzzle pieces: “It’s part of the story”, she explained on Twitter.

COIN ecosystem growing

Marguerite deCourcelle launched her own social token a few months ago. She tied this token into her work as studio boss of Blockade Games. As a result COIN can be used to farm CRED, which will be used inside the upcoming role playing game Neon District. In addition a third party developer is working on another game using COIN, while there’s also a staking mechanism that allows users to gain ownership over digital artworks.

DeCourcelle isn’t only in the business of making games, above all she’s a creative with a love for puzzles. She made a new for herself by creating a Bitcoin puzzle that took a long time to solve. Eventually someone won $50.000 worth of Bitcoin because the cryptocurrency pumped in value.

With her COIN token she hopes to create a social network ‘where roleplaying and world building establishes a deeper gaming and digital asset ownership experience’. She recognizes that everything she does is highly experimental.

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