Zonked Claims Gold in Blockstack Race

metalympics blockstack race ceremony

The Blockstack Race speed-walking competition during first Metalympics meant the first gold medal for virtual athlete Zonked. In a race hampered by lag, loading times and slowly loading checkpoints, he managed to finish the race in first place. Last week Zonked reached second place in the Avastars Arena Obstacle Course, cementing his potential to be the Metalympics all-round champion.

Zonked immediately ran off after claiming victory. Probably to catch a well deserved good night sleep. It obviously is important for professional athletes to catch enough sleep. However, his success isn’t only a matter of pure resting, but above all of practice and use of the tools available to him.

“Low-graphics setting made things a little smoother. I also did some practice laps for the Blockstack Race, albeit in the wrong direction and without the knowledge of checkpoints, but it seemed to have helped!”, he stated to Play to Earn.

For last week Obstacle Course he had a similar preparation. He really made sure he familiarized himself with the Obstacle Course prior to the event. “Some trial and error with Shift + Jump helped massively there”, the golden medal winner told us.

If you think one gold and one silver medal is enough, you’re wrong. Zonked has been looking forward to the Metalympics for months, and there’s no way he will leave his chances to luck. “I’ll be down at the arena getting my practice in as soon as we get word of what the next event is”, said a fairly confident Zonked.

Blockstack Race podium

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