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COIN Blockchain Game in Development

COIN blockchain game artwork

Serial entrepreneur and blockchain gaming evangelist Marguerite deCourcelle has announced a new game that’s embracing her COIN social token and crypto art. Players will be able to mint NFTs based on the COIN ecosystem, which they in turn can use to battle other factions for prizes and fame inside the blockchain game.

The game doesn’t have a new yet, but it’s one of many elements deCourcelle is working on or involved with. However, the game is being developed by a third party and not by deCourcelle’s studio Blockade Games.

In addition deCourcelle is working on for example a system for interactive digital assets, where the non-fungible token is defined by a combination of Javascript, CSS and HTML. As a result users would not get a static image, but a sandbox. What the implications of this would be, is still up for grabs. Maybe a small game in an NFT? Or artworks you can click to change?

Something a bit more solid, is the introduction of farming for non-fungible tokens. This has been pioneered by MEME token in the crypto art scene, and COIN is now moving this concept into the gaming space. Users will be able to stake their COIN tokens, and earn ERC1155 NFTs in return. This would mean that staking COIN allows gamers to earn in-game rewards in for example the cyberpunk role playing game Neon District or the earlier mentioned unnamed blockchain game.

CRED and Neon District

Gamers can obtain special CRED tokens by first providing trading liquidity on Uniswap, and then staking the obtained liquidity tokens on The promise of CRED is that users will be able to obtain digital assets for example for inside Neon District. CRED can be used in an in-game store to obtain unique items.

In order to earn more COIN and CRED, users need to go to Uniswap. After obtaining COIN, users need to provide liquidity. They do this by adding both COIN and ETH to the COIN-ETH liquidity pool. A liquidity pool allows a trading community to exchange their COIN for ETH or ETH for COIN. When you add to such a pool, you’ll get a certain token in return. In this case users will get COIN-ETH Uniswap V2 liquidity tokens.

After that, users need to stake these tokens Staking is basically the equivalent of putting on the bank. In real-time users will earn COIN and CRED tokens. Every month 10 thousand COIN and one million CRED will be split between all users who stake their tokens. “It will be the only way to obtain CRED, a token with exclusive privileges to the CoinArtist NFT ecosystem”, token founder deCourcelle wrote on Twitter.

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