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Skymarch Brings Zeal to Enjin Platform

Zeal gameplay screenshot

Skymarch Entertainment has announced that the competitive action game Zeal will use Enjin. Details about the blockchain elements have not been revealed yet. However, the company noted that characters from Crystals of Fate and The Galaxy of Lemuria will also be playable inside Zeal.

Zeal has been around for quite some time. The game taps into the success of character-driven MOBA games, but is inspired by PVP combat from classic MMORPGs. The closed alpha launch of the game gathered a few headlines as it attracted 30 thousand viewers on Twitch. However, this initial success happend two years ago. The game is in early access on Steam and can already be played freely.

According to Skymarch Entertainment, the game is in its ‘later stages of development’. Zeal offers 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 arena modes. In addition there’s a Conquest Mode where players battle in teams on an open-world map, and there will be a Battlegrounds Mode. Players who aren’t into competitive gameplay, can also group up and do PVE dungeons together.

Enjin pushes for interoperability between games. This way they want to create a system in which items from one game can be used in many others. Thanks to Enjin the worlds for these three Skymarch games connect: a character from The Galaxy of Lemuria would also be a hero in Crystals of Fate and a warrior in Zeal.

Enjin working on Efinity

Enjin is a platform that uses the Ethereum blockchain. Many games within the Enjin ecosystem, like for example The Six Dragons and Lost Relics, offer a sense of multiverse. Players can use certain items in multiple games, like for example the most recent Binance-sponsored Halloween token.

However, the gas problems within the Ethereum ecosystem also hurt Enjin. Therefore the company is now working on a scaling solution called Efinity. This should allow developers and gamers within the ecosystem to send items and trade assets without the need for gas fees. In addition Efinity will speed up transactions and allow more transactions at the same time.

Enjin’s multiverse

Enjin wants to create a metaverse in which game items can be used in several games. They use their standardized ERC-1155 protocol for that, and that’s how Wavelings is part of the Enjin multiverse. Other games like for example Cede, War of Ants, The Six Dragons, Lost Relics, Bitcoin Hodler and Forest Knight are in different states of development.

This summer Enjin organized an event in which players could earn a cyborg robot. However, players would need to reach objectives in multiple games to ultimately earn themselves the robot. Eight different games joined the quest, which can be seen as a form of interoperability. The freebie can’t be obtained anymore, an therefore the cheapest robot on the marketplace now costs 200 ENJ or 25 dollar.

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