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Galaxy of Lemuria Brings JRPG Flavor to Enjin

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The Galaxy of Lemuria is an original open-world action role playing game that will tap into the Enjin ecosystem. Players need to obtain resources to build items and building, alone or together with their friends. The ultimate goal is to save the world from evil, and then move to the next planet that’s in need of saving. The game is in development for PC and consoles.

The Galaxy of Lemuria is an open-world action role playing game with survival elements. In this game players get to explore an open universe filled with exotic planets. In those planets there are monsters to fight, quests to complete and adventures to experience. Each world is procedurally-generated, offering unique combination of nature, wildlife and resources.

Players get to choose one out of six different character classes. These range from necromancer to warrior and from support to mage. Very likely these are the same character classes found in the card game Crystals of Fate. Probably Enjin will use the characters from both Crystals of Fate and The Galaxy of Lemuria to provide interoperability.

Combat is action-based, but also uses casting times as seen in famous MMORPGs. At the same time players need to gather resources to build houses, better equipment and eventually a rocket to leave the planet and go to a new adventure.

The Galaxy of Lemuria has been in development for quite some time. They did a crowdfunding campaign in 2018, but didn’t manage to reach their goal.

Enjin working on Efinity

Enjin is a platform that uses the Ethereum blockchain. Many games within the Enjin ecosystem, like for example The Six Dragons and Lost Relics, offer a sense of multiverse. Players can use certain items in multiple games, like for example the most recent Binance-sponsored Halloween token.

However, the gas problems within the Ethereum ecosystem also hurt Enjin. Therefore the company is now working on a scaling solution called Efinity. This should allow developers and gamers within the ecosystem to send items and trade assets without the need for gas fees. In addition Efinity will speed up transactions and allow more transactions at the same time.

Enjin’s multiverse

Enjin wants to create a metaverse in which game items can be used in several games. They use their standardized ERC-1155 protocol for that, and that’s how Wavelings is part of the Enjin multiverse. Other games like for example Cede, War of Ants, The Six Dragons, Lost Relics, Bitcoin Hodler and Forest Knight are in different states of development.

This summer Enjin organized an event in which players could earn a cyborg robot. However, players would need to reach objectives in multiple games to ultimately earn themselves the robot. Eight different games joined the quest, which can be seen as a form of interoperability. The freebie can’t be obtained anymore, an therefore the cheapest robot on the marketplace now costs 200 ENJ or 25 dollars.

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