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MegaCryptoPolis At Dawn of Token Launch

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After some initial hiccups the city building game MegaCryptoPolis is ready for the launch of its MEGA token. The core functionality of MEGA is to cross the bridge between Ethereum and Tron, while creating liquidity through yield farming and liquidity mining. MEGA will launch on Wednesday October 28th at 2PM UTC.

The team originally planned to release the MegaCryptoPolis token at the end of September. However, very fast it became clear that there was an economy breaking bug. They immediately sidelined the token, and it apparently took a month to complete relaunch the project.

MegaCryptoPolis already is a very deep game with all kinds of player-owned digital assets, ranging from offices to residential buildings and from citizens to cars. Citizens need to work to earn TRX or ETH, they will produce resources that companies can sell. Residential and commercial building need resources for maintenance, and so on. The list of interconnected relationships between each digital assets is endless.

Ultimately resources are the most valuable items, because everybody needs these and these items are fungible. This means they can destroyed upon usage. Before resources would only be available on one blockchain, but MEGA token allows for a swap. MegaCryptoPolis players can swap wood for MEGA on Ethereum, move the MEGA token from Ethereum to Tron through USDT and then swap that MEGA for wood again on Tron. It’s complicated, but it should work according to the whitepaper.

Starting from tomorrow 2PM UTC liquidity mining will launch on both the Tron and Ethereum networks. The development team is providing liquidity on Uniswap (Ethereum) and Justswap (Tron).

The future of MegaCryptoPolis

The development team has all kinds of features planned. Before the end of the year they want to move the city building game onto the Matic Network. In addition they are working on adding airports, car plants and special citizens who are able to operate special buildings like a hotel or university. Further down the road players can expect education services, hotels and super appliances.

From a gameplay perspective the team has some nice surprises up their sleeves. Avatar Mode will allow players to walk the streets of MegaCryptoPolis and interact with other players. This can be seen as the social mode of the game. In addition there will be MCP World, where players can build new game mechanics inside a building on top of the exiting game economy.

What is MegaCryptoPolis?

You could compare MegaCryptoPolis with a game like Simcity, however it also has elements from The Sims in it. Players can own houses, offices, and factories. Citizens need jobs, jobs need employees, factories produces resources, and so on. All these digital assets are important for the MegaCryptoPolis ecosystem.

In addition the team is planning to add interior apartments to the game. This would mean that player-owned characters would have their own home, which could be decorate with furniture and electronics. These will also be ERC-721 or TRC20 tokens, which in turn need to be produced by factories, requiring resources, workers, transport and so on.

Currently MegaCryptoPolis is only playable in a web browser, both on desktop and mobile. In addition the team is working on a standalone client, a mobile app, interoperability between Tron and Ethereum and more unique buildings that players can design themselves using building blocks.

MegaCryptoPolis isn’t a new game. The game already allows players to earn money by trading and being active. In the past two years gamers have withdrawn 4.5 million dollars of value from the game’s smart contracts. We’re talking about 8000 ETH and 45 million TRX.

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