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My Crypto Heroes to Launch Governance Token

MCH Coin - my crypto heroes governance token

The blockchain game My Crypto Heroes already offered tradeable game assets, but game studio Double Jump Tokyo will now also launch a native governance token. The MCH Coin will basically replace both ETH and the in-game currency GUM. The newly announced token needs to create a better ecosystem.

On November 17th Double Jump Tokyo will release its MCH Coin into the wild. Owners can use the token to vote on developments surrounding My Crypto Heroes. In addition token holderscan use MCH Coin with MCH+ and other blockchain games. Details about these collaboration haven’t been revealed yet.

Alongside the announcement of MCH Coin, there will be some other new tokens as well: Cryptonium and Crypto Ingot. Players earn Cryptonium by using the in-game currency GUM. Game content that requires Cryptonium will give the user Crypto Ingot, which in turn has a 1 to 1 conversion rate to MCH Coin. Users who have already been playing My Crypto Heroes will automatically receive Cryptonium around November 9th. The amount they receive is based on the land, hero, extensions and trophies they own.

There will be 50 million MCH Coin tokens. Fifty percent will go to the community, while forty percent is meant for development and management. The remaining ten percent is for marketing purposes. The developers haven’t communicated when gamers can use the token in for example Brave Frontier Heroes.

What is My Crypto Heroes?

My Crypto Heroes is a blockchain-powered tactical role playing game in which players need to tactically place their characters in a battle formation, before entering a fight. These battle happen automatically, and generally a sense of RNG is into play.

My Crypto Heroes offers a bit of a play-to-earn mechanic, but also requires lots of investment. Players will need to buy at least a couple of heroes, before they’re able to compete with the best. Using only the free-to-play heroes isn’t really an option if you’re looking to create some value. Gather historical heroes, level them up, acquire extensions, and aim to be at the top of the world. This game features quests, weekly tournaments, and a ranked battle system.

This role playing game has been among the most played blockchain-powered games for many months. The game focuses its gameplay heavily on mobile phones, and everybody can play. However, My Crypto Heroes requires an investment if you want to seriously compete.

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