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Splinterlands Partners with Brave Browser

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The trading card game Splinterlands and Brave Browser have signed a partnership to empower users and give them more freedom. The blockchain game will allow Brave’s BAT token as a payment option, while both companies will promote each other. It’s the first time a blockchain game partners with a browser, something that has happened before with trading apps and exchanges.

Both Brave and Splinterlands value the time users put into their products. Using the Brave browser, users can earn BAT tokens. At the same time, players can earn cards by playing Splinterlands. The trading card game will position the Brave browser as the official browser for the game.

When using the Brave browser, users can opt-in to view privacy-preserving advertisements. They will be rewarded in BAT for doing so thanks to a system called Brave Rewards. From within the integrated cryptocurrency wallet, users can then spend those tokens in the Splinterlands store.

Recently Splinterlands officially stepped into the DeFi space. They launched a liquidity pool for their in-game Dark Energy Crystals. These DEC tokens have been moved from the Hive blockchain onto Ethereum, to allow trading against ETH through Uniswap. Gamers who hold lots of DEC tokens and provide liquidity on the exchange will earn virtual land as a reward. Splinterlands is giving away 3 thousand plots of land, while in addition, they are organizing a raffle based on trading activity.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a trading card game that started on the Steem blockchain as Steemmonsters. However, over time the project changed names. Now gamers can play the game on desktop and mobile devices, mainly using the Hive blockchain. Thanks to an intelligent functionality, cards, and tokens can also be traded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Splinterlands allows anybody to play and earn cards and other resources. Players need to create a set of cards to defeat their opponent. Cards come in different rarities with seven different stats. In addition, these cards have abilities and come from seven factions. The way cards work together is dependent on all these different attributes.

Players earn cards by winning matches. They can combine cards to gain levels. After that, you can sell cards on the open marketplace for cryptocurrencies, or lease them to other players. The rarest cards are wanted assets, especially when there are tournaments.

Read our Splinterlands Game Guide and visit the Splinterlands website to start playing.

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