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Google Cloud Moving into EOS

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Block.One has announced that Google Cloud will join the EOS blockchain and will take steps to become an EOS network block producer. The Google division will add its infrastructure to the EOS blockchain, adding more security, scalability and decentralization to the network. However, token holders first need to approve the addition of Google Cloud before they can join the block producer ranks.

“Google Cloud will continue to provide its highly provisioned, low-latency infrastructure to,” said Dan Larimer, CTO at This way oracles will be more secure, transactions between blockchains will be improved and processing of data will be faster.

The EOS blockchain is build using the EOSIO technology from EOSIO is also used by the custom blockchain for Blankos Block Party, and the NFT-focused Wax blockchain.

Key app on the EOS blockchain

Over the past year EOS has lost some of its prominence. The blockchain used to be a key alternative for Ethereum, but has now been surpassed by for example Flow and Wax. However, we’re still in the early days of blockchain technology. There’s no decentralized application on the market that has attracted one million users.

According to data from DappRadar the most active apps on the EOS blockchain are social media platform Yup with almost 7 thousand users, and the game Upland with 3 thousand players. Crypto Dynasty and Prospectors follow with less than two thousand daily players.

Trading and luck based gaming most popular

Data from DappRadar suggests that trading and luck-based gaming are still the most popular tools for blockchain technology. In the past week 124 thousand users traded assets on Uniswap, making the decentralized exchange the biggest app on the market. In terms of active users luck-based gaming app TronChain takes second place with 67 thousand users, followed by trading app Justswap and liquidity mining app Sun. These three apps have all been build on the Tron blockchain.

The most popular gaming apps from the past week are Upland and Splinterlands. Both these games have had eight thousand players. Keep in mind that this data is based on transactions and not on players logins.

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