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Obtain Shared Ownership over Virtual Zoo

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Investors in virtual land will be able to acquire fractional ownership over a virtual zoo inside Cryptovoxels. Zoo Token will be launched on the Ethereum mainnet on Thursday September 24th during a presentation at the WIP Meetup inside the same virtual world. Owners of the token will get a share of the auction price next year.

ZOO gives users ownership over virtual real estate without the need to pay the full price. Ten thousand tokens will be up for grabs. However, the token is specifically designed for a parcel called The Bronx Zoo. On April 20th 2021 the smart contract will initiate a Dutch auction and it will be sold to the first person who puts money on the table.

In the next seven months the pricing of virtual land can change dramatically. Three months ago the land parcel of The Bronx Zoo was sold for 1.3 ETH. Right now similar parcels are listed on Opensea prices like 1.72 ETH, 2.8 ETH and bundles selling for 13 ETH or more. At the same time ETH increased in value as well.

The Bronx Zoo can freely be visited by anybody using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Cryptovoxels also allows users to use VR headset for extra immersion. Do not feed the animal inside the zoo! Visit here.

Landownership a growing business

Investing in virtual land has been very beneficial for traders. Two years ago developer Ben Nolan had difficulty selling his virtual land inside Cryptovoxels. However, nowadays a slice of digital lands costs at least 600 dollars. In worlds like Decentraland and Somnium Space virtual land is even more pricey, while land in The Sandbox is selling for a minimum of 100 dollars.

This trend hasn’t gone unnoticed in other industries. For example Atari signed up with The Sandbox to build a virtual theme park. Mainstream organizations like Forbes and Nasdaq have covered The Sandbox in recent weeks. Square Enix invested into The Sandbox, while several investment companies have tried to invest into Cryptovoxels. At the same time Samsung has partnered with Decentraland, adding more legitimacy to a business this oozing with energy.

Play to Earn will organize its own game festival in November. That’s when you realize things are getting real in the virtual world. 😎

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