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Gamers Can Spend Gala Tokens in Splinterlands

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Even though there hasn’t been a whole lot of news surrounding the Gala blockchain and their flagship game TownStar, the project is now partnering with trading card game Splinterlands. Gala Games announced that the Gala tokens can soon be used inside Splinterlands, which is one of the most popular blockchain-powered trading card games.

Players will be able to spend their Gala tokens inside Splinterlands. That means they will for example be able to buy in-game credits. Gamers can earn Gala by playing TownStar, or going to cryptocurrency exchanges like Digifinex, Bitrue or Uniswap. The token is now up 68 percent from yesterday and has a value of $0.0016 per token according to data from Coingecko.

Even though there hasn’t been much news in regards to TownStar, the project allegedly rewarded its early adopters with 12 million dollars worth of Gala. The token can be earned inside the game or mined by running a Gala Soft Node. This licensed mining service costs a one time fee of two thousand dollars. Townstar can be played for free, and allows players to earn tokens through gameplay.

Townstar made by Farmville guru

Gala is a newly launched blockchain project launched by Erc Schiermeyer. He’s one of the co-founders of gaming company Zynga and their hit game Farmville. Schiermeyer started working on the project in 2018. Townstar is the first game on the platform and serves as a showcase.

In Townstar players for example need to raise crops, harvest them, and then create products. Gamers can sell these in turn for profit, which they can then invest in a better farm. This farm could eventually become a small town. The game will also feature weekly leaderboards, an open in-game marketplace, rare non-fungible tokens, and an upgradable hero character.

Townstar is currently in its beta development phase. Gameplay is not on-going but happens in sessions. Among the upcoming features is an in-game marketplace, where players can buy and sell items needed to for example create a FarmBot or a CraneBot. These help players to produce assets inside their town faster.

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