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Bitcoin-shooter Lightnite Partners with Trezor

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Satoshi’s Games and their battle royale shooter Lightnite have partnered with cryptocurrency wallet Trezor. Together they bring a Trezor Model T: Lightnite Limited Edition to the market for 179 EUR. The customized wallet comes with a range of goodies, premium access to the game and 20 dollars in bitcoin.

In Lightnite players can earn satoshi’s – sats for insiders – for shooting opponents. To make this happen, the Bitcoin Lightning Network powers the battle royale shooter. In addition players can use the Trezor wallet to safely store in-game assets like rare weapons and skins. This is possible thanks to the second layer network Liquid.

Gamers who pay the special edition Trezor wallet, will see that their Trezor Model T has a Lightnite engraving and comes with a special silicone case. In addition they get free early access to the game, which normally costs 20 dollars. In addition they get access to premium skins and cosmetics, premium missions and a game poster. To top things of, every wallet comes with 20 dollars worth of bitcoin to spend in the game, even though you could potentially also earn more if you’re the best player out there.

What is Lightnite?

Gamers who play Lightnite can earn bitcoin by shooting other players. However, they will lose bitcoin when they get shot. Players can sell some of the items found in the game for bitcoin as well. On top of that they can withdraw the bitcoin they earned in Lightnite immediately. Another example of a fine play-to-earn mechanic, even though you could potentially also lose sats of course.

Essentially Lightnite is a low-poly version of Fortnite, which means it’s a game in the battle royale genre. However, the game offers multiple game modes for different types of players. Currently a singleplayer mode is live, with a multiplayer mode coming this November. According to the development roadmap the game will go into early access in December. That same roadmap scheduled this official release of Lightnite for the summer of 2021.

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