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Crypto Space Commander Officially Launched

CSC Expansion Wars artwork header

Lucid Sight has officially launched Crypto Space Commander on Steam, after the game has been available through Steam Early Access for over a year. At the same time they’ve introduced new content called Expansion Wars, and gamers can join an auction for Star Trek-themed space ships.

Now that Crypto Space Commander has launched, players can dive directly into the Expansion Wars. This event takes six weeks. Galactic Federation Industries and the Free Space Coalition are at war for ownership of system 61 Sigma Draconis. During this event players can find new blueprints for the FSC Starcrawler and Phoenix Fusion. These blueprints drop from killing space pirates.

The full launch also brings a dangerous game mechanic into the game. Modules, resources and ships can be destroyed forever, depending on your in-game insurance. Thankfully this only happens in ‘fringe space’. In the bigger parts of space modules will teleport back to the player’s home station. However, ships and resources can still be destroyed.

Players can reclaim a ship only once. However, they can buy an insurance to add numbers to that. Player-owned digital assets, like for example the Star Trek ships, have unlimited replication. Gamers can find full details on the insurance on the official blog.

Star Trek auction

The first auction for the third Star Trek sales event has already started. The USS Enterprise NCC 1701 is now on sale. The auction starts at $100.000 and drops all the way to zero in 8 days. The moment someone buys the spaceship, the auction obviously ends. Ships from the previous auction sold for amounts between $2500 and almost 16 thousand dollars.

What is Crypto Space Commander?

CSC is an open-universe, sandbox-style space MMO with a player-owned economy. Command starships and earn digital items to buy, sell, or trade without limits both inside and outside of the game universe. CSC gives players a free-market economy that provides true ownership & freedom. Resources acquired can be sold for the in-game currency GFC. Ultimately GFC can be exchanged for ETH, thus giving this game a play-to-earn mechanic.

As a Commander in the Galactic Federation Fleet, you will undertake missions, discover resources, and acquire skills in your quest to dominate the galactic frontier. Explore the vast expanse but be warned, the further you travel from home the greater the danger.

Your journey begins as an adventurous miner hunting rare resources in the depths of Fringe Space. Become a master crafter of high-tech modules, equipment, starships, or even a fully player-owned station. Perhaps you’ll focus your attention on supporting the growth of the Galactic Federation by transporting consumer goods, resources, colonists, and workers to new outposts, earning valuable credit. Or you could armor and equip your starship to hunt for pirates and other treasures in dangerous and unsettled space. Keen on building a business empire? Then dominate the markets by buying, selling, and trading valuable goods from around the cosmos. The choice is yours…

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