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MakerDAO Integrated into Nine Chronicles

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Game studio Planetarium has partnered with stablecoin project MakerDAO to integrate DAI into their blockchain game Nine Chronicles. Gamers will soon be able to use the dollar-pegged DAI stablecoin to do in-game purchases in the blockchain-powered role playing game. They can already use the token for the pre-sale that starts on September 2nd.

They haven’t decided on how they will completely integrate DAI into the game. In the press release Planetarium mentioned in-game transactions as an example. In addition it seems likely that players can swap the game currency NCG for DAI, however the companies didn’t confirm this.

MakerDAO is one of the first decentralized autonomous organizations, which fits the decentralized aspects of Nine Chronicles rather well. The organization gets its funding from the community. Users stake their currencies, which the system swaps for DAI. In addition they will earn a percentage of interest on their money. This way the dollar-pegged stablecoin is always backed by currencies, but in this case these are cryptocurrencies. Over 400 apps and services have already integrated DAI in their wallets, games and platforms.

What is Nine Chronicles?

Nine Chronicles is an upcoming blockchain game that uses its very own blockchain and also introduces its own crypto. Every player who downloads the game, is able to contribute to the network. This participation is done by supplying computing power, also known as mining. Players can use the acquired NCG in the game. The game uses the blockchain network to register item ownership, item transfers and even gameplay choices.

The developers promote Nine Chronicles as a ‘fully decentralized RPG powered by the players’. According to them gamers can play, mine resources (and therefore make money), trade (and make money) and govern the game world together. As a result gamers will have some form of political power in game world. Gaming behemoth Ubisoft supports the development of the game through their entrepreneurs lab.

The great war between the gods ripped the Nine Worlds apart, and even though the gods eventually put an end to their conflict, the scars of war had already started to cause Yggdrasil, the world tree to wither. Then one day, a stray cat in Midgard wishing to be reborn as a human, was called by the goddess and reincarnated as a half-cat, half-human being.

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