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ETH Fighter Enters The Ring With Character Pre-Sale

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ETH Fighter is an upcoming fighting game that just recently made its characters available through a pre-sale. Through the official shop gamers can buy crates with different rarities, which will give them a random character based on the acquired crate. In addition there’s already a small secondary market on Opensea as well.

Players who really want a certain character, are probably better off on Opensea. Paying 0.12 ETH on the official website gives players a 25 percent chance to get Marley. However, on Opensea you can buy the female fighter for the same price. The same goes up for characters of epic rarity, which cost 1.8 ETH. However, this is not the case with every character. Some gamers already try to sell their acquired characters with a profit.

The first pre-sale stage started on August 25th with a 40 percent discount. The second phase will start on September 8th with a 30 percent discount, followed by a third and fourth stage. During every pre-sale stage the discount drops with ten percent.

What is ETH Fighter?

The developers used the Unreal Engine 4 to create ETH Fighter. In addition they linked assets from the game to the Ethereum blockchain. Gamers get to own every character in the game as they purchase unique non-fungible tokens. Players can use fighters from their wallet to battle other players online and fight their way through a singleplayer mode. Players need to buy at least one character before they are able to enter the ring.

Comparable to the modern classics Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, ETH Fighter also allows players to perform combos and character specific special moves. The game is scheduled to be released on iOS, Android and Steam. A demo will arrive before for the end of this year, while the developers have scheduled the full game for the Spring of 2021.

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