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GameCredits Acquired Satoshi Battles

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Gaming blockchain project GameCredits has announced the acquisition of crypto game Satoshi Battles. It’s very likely that the GAME token will be integrated into the game, alongside other adjustments. Details about the acquisition have not been made public.

Currently is offline. GameCredits is working to get the website back up as soon as possible, probably with more information about the acquisition. In the announcement tweet they wrote to ‘stay tuned for further game development, integration into GameCredits and more’.

What is GameCredits?

GameCredits is a cryptocurrency aimed at gaming. The project was one of the earliest cryptocurrencies, but has been dormant for a while. Now the team is abandoning the proof-of-work mining system, and instead GAME is becoming a token on the Ethereum blockchain. They do this in collaboration with NovaToken, which is an esports-oriented project. The trading card Nova Blitz also moved over to GameCredits.

The team announced the launch of GAME Rewards a few months ago. Users get to stake on various games, and token holders earn loyalty points. Gamers can redeem these points for rewards, like for example in-game items, promotional NFT’s, tournament tickets or GAME tokens. Staking also generates a small revenue stream for developers of that certain game. The new team behind GameCredits expects that staking will become a prestigious endeavor within their ecosystem.

What is Satoshi Battles?

Satoshi Battles is a cryptocurrency-powered massively multiplayer online role playing game. Players need to level up their character by for example completing quests, earn better gear and battle more difficult enemies. The game offers different characters classes, including one aimed at finding gear. However, Satoshi Battles has a strong focus on player-versus-player combat.

Gamers can play Satoshi Battles for free. Even though players did require some bitcoin to really get the game going. They can buy different memberships in the in-game store. 2.5 million satoshi gets players all the skins in the game. A bit cheaper is the 30 day VIP gold membership, which gives players access to teleports, a warehouse, item repair and all kinds of VIP cosmetics. This monthly pack costs 250 thousand satoshi, which is roughly 29 dollars.

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