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Arkane Network Added To The Sandbox

TSB Gaming has integrated the Arkane Wallet into The Sandbox, allowing users to login using social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google accounts. By integrating the wallet service into their game, The Sandbox wants to make it super easy for gamers to join the platform. TSB Gaming has scheduled The Sandbox to launch by the end of this year.

Arkane Network is a Belgium-based company aimed at pushing the adoption of crypto among the gaming community. They do this by providing a smooth and easy on-boarding process, for example by sending cryptocurrency using e-mails. The receiver then needs to make a wallet using that e-mail address to actually get access to it. Sending crypto by e-mail is just one example of how Arkane wants to improve the user experience.

The partnership between Arkane Network and The Sandbox doesn’t stand on its own. Arkane already has partnerships with several prominent companies in the blockchain space. For example, in May they signed an agreement with Atari. In addition they partnered with blockchain company NEO in December 2019 and more recently with Matic Network. Where Arkane’s focus is on user acquisition, Matic is more about user experience.

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a virtual gaming world in which landowners get to create games, shops, adventures, or art galleries. A piece of land is represented on the blockchain by a non-fungible token. As a result the person who has this token in their crypto wallet, is the owner of that particular piece of land. The Sandbox is still organizing pre-sales where gamers can buy land at a discount.

Each of those lands is a separate instance, and traveling between those lands happens through portals. Hundreds of companies are building inside The Sandbox. For example, Atari will build a theme park and SuperRare will create an art gallery. In addition Play to Earn is also planning s

In this game world users can travel from land to land using teleports, or they can use a transportation system that connects main hubs. While each land has a different use-case based on the landowners ambitions, the metaverse of The Sandbox also offers gameplay mechanics. Players will be able to join guilds and do quests. They can play to earn SAND tokens by completing objectives.

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