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Lost Relics Multiplayer In Development

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Lost Relics will get cooperative and competitive multiplayer options in the near future. One-man game studio Cliff Cawley has revealed an extensive list of updates and additional content for his recently renamed dungeon crawler. Aside from multiplayer gameplay, there will be new skills and more different dungeons to the game. Cawley announced his plans in a recent live stream on Twitch.

Founder Token Holders of Lost Relics will be among the first to get access to the multiplayer mode. It will be 4 player co-op, and Cawley is looking at competitive player-versus-player modes as well. There will be a maximum of eight players in competitive modes. However, when this will happen, isn’t known yet. Other good news, pets will soon be able to attack enemies as well.

Another drastic change to the way the game works, is the fact that Adventure Stones will disappear. These stones were required to go on adventures and obtain blockchain items. However, Lost Relics has ditched these stones and instead allows everybody to farm blockchain items.

However, there’s a limitation of one blockchain item per adventure. Those who buy a membership through one of the Power Pendents are able to carry infinite blockchain items. In addition there will be for example trading benefits.

The game will get a whole lot more activities as well. Players will be able to level up their skills, which includes fishing, mining, scavenging, woodcutting, alchemy and engineering. Mining will also be available inside dungeons, while dungeons themselves change as well. There will be for example new themes and bigger areas with only one level. A detailed look on each of the announced changes, can be read on as well.

What is Lost Relics?

Lost Relics is a blockchain-powered dungeon crawler. The adventures you embark on are dangerous and you’ll need your weapons and skills as you venture on your quest! In this third person action role playing game adventurers need to defeat monsters, find loot and make it till the end of the maze. One mistake could lose players a fortune.

There is loot of unimaginable value to find and each dungeon is unique with well over four billion variations. Hack and slash your way through undiscovered lands on your quest for loot. Each chest players stumble across is a chance at discovering some of the rarest artifacts in the universe!

The items in Lost Relics are a mixture of Fungible and Non-Fungible tokens (digital goods and collectibles). Each item has a limited supply making them provably rare and unique and give you the confidence that the ERC-1155 crypto-collectible you hold is truly a limited item without a possibility to create more.

In towns players can explore the universe, find information for quests and start encounters, dungeons and events. Encounters will happen occasionally, while events are seasonal. Dungeons will always be there and offer endless variation in design, enemies and loot.

More info on Lost Relics and how to get started in the game in our Lost Relics Game Guide.

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