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League of Kingdoms Out Now on Mobile Devices

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The online strategy game League of Kingdoms has made its appearance in the Google Play Store and the iOS AppStore, and is therefore now playable on mobile devices. According to data from the store, the game has been downloaded over 1000 times so far. Data about the iOS version is unknown.

Gamers could already play League of Kingdoms on PC, but the mobile release is the real deal. The massively multiplayer online strategy game has a focus on mobile gameplay. In many cases the game is similar to Rise of Kingdoms, which has been downloaded 10 million times on Android devices alone.

League of Kingdoms sets itself apart with some blockchain integration. Players can buy and own virtual land. All landowners share 10 percent of the in-game revenue, which is shared on a daily basis. The stake on the revenue share depends on the land’s development level. Level 5 lands gets a bigger percentage then a level 1 land. This month they have paid out 7660 DAI to landowners.

What is League of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms looks like its inspired by popular mobile games like Rise of Kingdoms. You can see this in for example the need to work together to build a strong kingdom, overpower other kingdoms and defeat monsters. Players can forge alliances between kingdoms, while they can also vote for their leaders through the Ethereum blockchain.

This strategy game basically consists out of five different layers:

  1. Blockchain – The first continent is running on the Ethereum blockchain, but other continents might move to other blockchains. Through blockchain technology players have true ownership in an open economy, with transparent governance.
  2. Land – Land is non-fungible virtual real estate stored on the blockchain. Players can earn, play, trade using the land.
  3. Kingdoms – Kingdoms function on top of the land. A kingdom can become a prosperous city state with a powerful army.
  4. Alliance – An alliance is a clan with multiple kingdoms. Diplomacy, trade relations and governance of the continent play a role here.
  5. Congress – Continental congress is a group of chosen leaders that govern the entire continent. They decide on rewards, dividends, and many other things inside the game.
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