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Community Tournaments Soon in Gods Unchained

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Gamers who play Gods Unchained will be able to battle friends, foes and create their own tournaments thanks to the upcoming Direct Challenge mode. This new mode allows someone to create a direct match between two players. Even though the tools to create the tournament brackets are still coming from a third party, like for example Challonge and Battlefy.

Direct Challenge mode is an addition next to the random battle modes, which pits players against random opponent with equal strength. Besides easier community tournaments, the mode will also allow for less punishable deck testing. On top of that players can create for example their own best-of-five matches.

In addition it makes it easier for players to introduce their friends into a game. And what about all those Twitch streamers? They can now easily play against their community and get them involved into Gods Unchained as well. Overall, Direct Challenge is a long awaited mode and it’s about time that it’s here.

Gods Unchained more user friendly

Game studio Immutable has been working hard to make their trading card game friendly to newcomers. Two months ago they introduced a Welcome Set. These cards can’t be traded, but players can use them as an introduction into the game. In addition they are working on their own custodial exchange platform, making trading of cards cheaper and easier.

On a side note, the Welcome Set will change. In Q4 2020 new players will only get a few new cards, and they will unlock more cards from the Welcome Set while learning about the game and playing matches. So that will become a bit of a phased introduction into Gods Unchained.

For more info, tips and strategies, check out our Gods Unchained guide here.

Trial of the Gods coming soon

There’s still no date yet, but the first season of Gods Unchained is coming. Trial of the Gods will introduce new cards, champions and other new mechanics. There will also be an one-of-a-kind mythic card that will be given away in a raffle. The card is called Citadel of the Gods.

Citadel of the Gods is a 1 mana spell that summons three legendary champions for each player, gives both gods protected, ward, a relic and unlocks all mana locks. The card is supposed to allow players to play out the story of Trial of the Gods within a match itself.

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a collectible card game built on the Ethereum blockchain. All cards are stored on the blockchain, giving players full ownership over their own set of cards. Players are rewarded digital cards for playing the game, when they have two identical cards these can be minted into one blockchain-based card. These cards of the blockchain can be traded, sold, lend, borrowed, or used in the game itself.

Trial of the Gods is expected to launch with a few weeks. The expansion will be an update for the game. Before launch Immutable will sell Season 1 card packs. These cards will only be available for a limited time. The Genesis season already sparked lots of interest.

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