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Synergy of Serra Pre-Sale Starts Today

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The first pre-sale period for trading card game Synergy of Serra is starting today at 9:00 UTC. Game studio Calystral will be selling two different card crates. The prize of a base set crate is 1 dollar, and a transcendent set crate is 2 dollars. The prize will increase as players have bought more crates.

Synergy of Serra is a free-to-play card game, and it allows players to play the game and earn money. Everybody can join the game and use a basic set of cards. However, the blockchain elements adds an extra layer of ownership. This gives players the possibility to really own a set of cards, trade it, sell it and so on. In terms of gameplay, the developers have been inspired by deck-building games like Dominion.

Each player has their own deck, but the deck is developed during gameplay instead of beforehand. Both players create a suitcase of 100 cards, and as a result 200 cards end up on the table. This becomes the card pool from which players draw their cards. A deeper explanation of the gameplay can be found in their blog.

Economy of Synergy of Serra

Players who will need to build an ideal deck. Cards that they don’t need, can be turned into scrap. Scrap can also be used to buy new crates. According to the game studio this system will create scarcity of certain cards, while it also create an interesting in-game economy. “It creates a theoretical bottom limit for each card’s value since people would buy them to scrape and buy crates (conversion rate)”, they wrote in their blog. However, this feature won’t be available yet.

From the moment the game launches, it utilizes cheap and instant blockchain transactions using the Matic Network. This makes trading cards a lot easier.

At launch Synergy of Serra will offer 159 different cards, divided in four different sets: promo set, starter set, base set and the transcendent set. In addition there are cards without an ‘edition symbol’. These are regular cards that can’t be traded on the blockchain. Scarcity is measured through the rarity and the quality of a card. A legendary golden card is the most valuable, while a painted metal common card is the least valuable.

Each season, which takes one to four months, the game will have seasonal ladders. Based on the players ranking, they will earn a certain amount of revenue. The prize pool for each ladder ranking is based on the total revenue from game studio Calystral. Somewhere between 10 and 25 percent of the company’s revenue will go into the prize pool.

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