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Virtual Event Raised $5.000 for Kitten Charity

Buy Art Save Kittens Cryptovoxels charity event header

Buy Art Save Kittens has raised more than 5 thousand dollars for charity with a virtual event inside Cryptovoxels. Proceeds go directly to Kitty Bungalow, a kitten rescue organization from Los Angeles. The event took place over the weekend and the installation will remain for months to come.

The charity organization normally organizes physical fundraisers, but the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled all their events. Los Angeles-based artist Coldie stepped up, as he has been a longtime supporter. He offered to curate and build a virtual cat-themed event featuring both physical and crypto art for the charity organization.

Selling physical art in a virtual environment is an interesting take on things for sure. “We had some very famous artists from the traditional art world whose works sold. Most of them did not know about crypto art before and are now introduced. Some have already shown interest in tokenizing in the future”, the L.A.-based curator told Play to Earn.

Community effort for charity

The event raised well over 5 thousand dollars worth of ETH, and the amount is still increasing. Coldie put lots of effort into the event, including building Cryptovoxels installations, curating and keeping track of social media and sales.

Thankfully he got help from all kinds of corners of the art and blockchain community. AsyncArt was a huge piece of the event, as they created three collaborative pieces which included 34 artists. Coldie told Play to Earn he was very happy with their involvement in the show. “They brought a lot of amazing tech and art to the show, and helped raise a lot”, he said about AsyncArt.

In addition Ogar and MyphSpace created gigantic sculptures, which were also auctioned off for charity. Dapper Labs donated valuable and rare Cryptokitties, Dada.NYC contributed with 8 images from their community, SuperRare had a large collection of artists who donated pieces, including one by Matt Kane. “I was about ready to FOMO buy [that one] during the event”, Coldie said.

“Looking back it was all a success, and [we] raised a lot of money for Kitty Bungalow. Over one thousand people have come to the event in its first weekend, and it will be up for several months more”, Coldie said. Whether there will be another Buy Art Save Kittens event next year, remains to be seen. But according to the Los Angeles-based artist things went really well. “So I can imagine we’ll do another one at some point.”

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