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Major League Soccer Joins Sorare

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The Major League Soccer Player Association has signed an agreement with blockchain-powered fantasy football game Sorare to create cards based on players from the American soccer competition. Starting from today Sorare will be auctioning player cards of all players in the MLSPA. Auctions start at 0.01 ETH, but ultimately even the cheapest cards often sell for 15 dollars or more.

Sorare emphasized that these player cards are exclusive to their fantasy football game. They also underlined that the MLSPA is the first player association to join the game. Normally Sorare signs with individual clubs or entire competitions, but this time with a player association.

The blockchain company is hoping to get American collectors enthusiastic about their football, or soccer, cards. The United States has the biggest sports card collecting industry in the world, worth well over $5.4 billion. So it makes sense that they want to tap into that market.

Starting from next week gamers can use the MLS players in the game, and they can buy these cards already through auctions. On July 8th the MLS will have a tournament in Orlando. Data partner Opta will cover the tournament, which means all players will receive scores. Sorare promises three different leagues to use the collectible cards, including one dedicated to MLS players only.

Following the K-League

The addition of the Major League Soccer comes just two weeks after Sorare announced that they are embracing the South Korean K-League. Thanks to the launch of the K-League in Sorare, the trading volume soared. Currently the fantasy football game has the highest trading volume of all blockchain projects according to data by Nonfungible.

The Major League Soccer is the third national football competition to join Sorare. The project launched with the Belgian Jupiler League, and added the K-League two weeks ago. In an interview with Dapp.Review Sorare’s CEO Nicolas Julia indicated that he wants four national leagues added to the game when the European competitions start their news seasons in September.

What is Sorare?

Sorare is a fantasy football game powered by blockchain technology. This means that cards are actually limited in supply. Players can use the cards they’ve bought to create a fantasy team. Each card represents a real player. Based on the performance of that player on the actual pitch, the card holders will earn points. Every week the teams with the most points will earn new cards as a reward.

The cheapest cards generally sell for a couple of dollars, while the most wanted ones go for well over a thousand dollars a piece. Join the game!

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