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Marvel Games Stepping into Blockchain

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Executive vice-president Jay Ong from Marvel Games is one of the newest members of the advisory council for the Wax blockchain. Together with Wax they will develop a set of custom non-fungible tokens for the Marvel Games team. Nobody announced any specifics about the NFTs.

Considering the partnership with trading card company Topps, we would expect Wax to create something similar with Marvel. Potentially there could be collectible cards based on movie releases or new comic books. However, Wax will make the NFTs for the Marvel Games team, which could mean they’re for in-house use only.

According to Wax the Wax Advisory Council brings together ‘the greatest minds’ in tech, gaming and entertainment. This way Wax wants to push the adoption of their blockchain technology across multiple industries. Alongside Ong there are two other council members: Peter DeBenedictis from Microsoft EMEA and Rich Widmann from Google have taken a seat as well.

Wax has already been a solution for game studios that built their games on EOS. Earlier this year there were some problems that caused the EOS blockchain to clog. As a result many companies sought refuge at Wax. Last month Wax launched a partnership with trading card company Topps. The result was the first collection of digital Garbage Pail Kids cards.

Benefits of WAX blockchain

WAX is based on the EOS blockchain, but is tailored for entertainment media purposes. Every user will get a wallet with some starting credit in it. As a result there’s no initial hassle with wallets, private keys and transactions. All they need is an e-mail and password or a login through popular social media.

They will automatically get a WAX Cloud Wallet that has sufficient tokens to play around a bit. Only when gamers invest more time in a blockchain game on WAX, they will come in touch with the underlying technology. WAX has a strong focus on attracting brands, like Garbage Pail Kids.

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