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Minecraft Servers Can Now Have Blockchain Items

Enjin has launched the Enjincraft blockchain plugin for Minecraft servers. The company announced this on Wednesday. Server owners can integrate rewards for players, or give players access to certain areas in the game world when they own a special item. In addition players can exchange items within their game world as well.

With the SDK installed by the server-owner, players can link their Enjin wallet to Minecraft servers in order to use blockchain items stored in their cryptocurrency wallet. Based on the assets they own, they could get special in-game items or permissions. For example, a certain multiverse token can give players a strong weapon. In addition the server owner can hand out rewards after players reach a certain milestone, like for example defeating an evil wizard or solving a huge puzzle.

Enjin spreading the SDK

Last year Enjin announced the launch of their own Enjincraft test server. It was the first time that players could hold on to the tokenized version of a wooden sword and wooden shield. The low level weapons are very recognizable items for gamers and Minecraft fans in particular.

Enjin can also be integrated in games build on the Unity engine, while the blockchain company recently announced support for the Godot game engine. In addition they’ve been working hard to make it super easy to tokenize game assets:

  1. First create a new project on the Enjin Platform
  2. Followed by linking an Enjin Wallet
  3. Then create ERC-1155 assets with both on-chain and off-chain data
  4. And finally mint the assets with Enjin Coin (ENJ) to give it value

Enjin Coin pumping

Enjin Coin has been on a roll for the past few weeks. In the past 24 hours the value increased with more than 20 percent. One ENJ is now worth $0.22. However, on the 16th March the token was less than five cents. This underlines the tremendous growth the project is going through. With a market cap of 182 million dollars Enjin is currently one of the most prominent tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

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