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Nova Blitz Moving Over to GameCredits

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Trading card game Nova Blitz will start using GameCredits tokens in the near future. The card game has been acquired by the game-oriented blockchain project. Nova Blitz will serve as a real-time prototype to show game developers what the GameCredits platform can add to their projects.

The merger also brings something positive to Nova Blitz, as additional funding can help development. GameCredits announced that they want to position Nova Blitz next to games like Splinterlands and Gods Unchained. The team plans to setup tournaments to involve people in the game.

Nova Blitz has been on the market since 2017. You can also find it on Steam as a free-to-play title. Despite a ‘mostly positive’ score on Steam, the game never really became popular. The team has also been testing mobile versions, but these have never been released. Extra funding could solve that.

GameCredits becoming a token

Earlier this month GameCredits and NovaToken announced their collaboration. Because of that, GameCredits is moving away from its proof-of-work mining algorithm. Instead the project will move onto the Ethereum blockchain as a token. The swap needs to happen this summer, supposedly in July.

NovaToken focuses on esports, and to them the collaboration with GameCredits is mainly one from a marketing perspective. However, for GameCredits it will allow them to embrace esports tournaments and non-fungible tokens much easier. In addition the new system will introduce an exchange platform, while also allowing users to stake their GAME tokens on a certain game. It’s a way to create funding for a developer, while users become investors and earn rewards over their stakes.

Introducing GAME Rewards

The team has already announced the launch of GAME Rewards. Users get to stake on various games, and token holders earn loyalty points. These points can be redeemed for rewards, like for example in-game items, promotional NFT’s, tournament tickets or GAME tokens. Staking also generates a small revenue stream for developers of that certain game. The new team behind GameCredits expects that staking will become a prestigious endeavor within their ecosystem.

Currently the staking system is live on the Kovan test network. The real platform will be live when GameCredits switches to the Ethereum main net this summer. The team is trying to provide an incentive for developers to sign up to their program:

  • Increased visibility for their game to the NFT and crypto gaming market
  • No cost to sign up on the portal
  • A few easy clicks and your game is signed up ready to earn rewards
  • A revenue source to earn more GAME
  • Gives the game developers eligibility for the company’s game grant service
  • Offers a new, innovative way to engage with their user-base and encourage more in-game participation
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